Herdn is a game where you're a bobbin' square, and there are other bobbin' squares and some of them seem mean!

Arrow keys are all you need to play!

Try to protect the little white squares, they're your buddies! Keep on pushing on the red squares, the baddies, until they run away! If you lose one buddie, you lose!

Game has no text and no way to restart it! If you lose and want to play again, just refresh. Otherwise you can just watch your buddies frolic around. :)

This game was made at OJAM 2016 in 48 hours! The theme was:

"Stay awhile and listen"

There was also a diversifier, "Actions speak louder than words."

Thanks for playing!

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet at @VinchenzIRL.

P.S.: The source files are included! Check out the install instructions for more info.

Install instructions

The game should just open up in-browser!

The source file is a Unity Project made in Unity 5.3.5. Feel free to open the project up and poke around and do whatever, it's a very simple project for a very simple game so don't expect much. :)

Unfortunately I did not have time to optimize or comment any of the code. It's a Jam game, what'dya expect?


Unity-Source.zip 1 MB

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